Your answer is yes! Limousines Of Connecticut knows that traveling with kids can be fun, but can also be hectic. So the common questions of “do limos in CT offer car seats for children?” or “what size car seats do you have?” or how much does it cost?” comes to us on a very frequent basis and limo rentals in CT want to make traveling with your kids much easier. Want to know more about car seat safety? Just ccheck out this informational video!

So, Do Limos in CT offer Car Seats for Children?

Absolutely! The best part is they are offered for free! Yes, for free. Why go crazy or spend more money for your children when you are already paying for the flight or event and the car service in Connecticut. No need to worry or freak out, simply call a Limousines Of Connecticut agent at 203-344-0066 and inquire about car seats. Ask how many you can have? What is the limit? What size CT vehicle would hold that?

Here are the extremely easy steps to insure your limo ct vehicle includes a car seat:

  • Call a representative and inform them that you would like to include a free car seat within your reservation.
  • Let the representative know how old you child is so that we can provide the proper size car seat.
  • Also inform the representative of how many car seats you will be needing on this trip.
  • If you are booking a round trip reservation make sure you let the representative know if you will be needing these car seats on both trips.


Also, be clear with your representative. Tell them exactly how old the children are and what size you need. How they accommodate and how much total will everything be? It is as simple as that. There are plenty of options for people traveling with kids. If you are traveling alone with kids in CT or the surrounding areas limos in Connecticut can absolutely be in service for you.

What are your options?

Airport Travel Car Seats photo

There are plenty of options for people traveling with kids. If it is an airport transportation service in Connecticut or the surrounding states (even abroad) limo rentals in CT can easily accommodate. Options for vehicles range from a town car sedans all the way to stretch limos or SUV’s. If the option is your wedding, we can accommodate that as well. When thinking of your Connecticut wedding limo service, you wonder do limos in CT offer car seats for children? Believe it or not we do, though not many folks opt for that, it is still good to know that Limousines Of Connecticut cares about your family and your day! Call us at 203-344-0066 and connect to rep today.


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