Top Colleges and Universities of Connecticut


street campusIf your looking to do a tour or visit some excellent colleges and Universities , let Limo of Connecticut take you on your way.

Connecticut College

This was founded in 1911 and was at one point an all women school. Now you have so many great undergraduate  to take on a tour of Connecticut College. Starting with The Connecticut College Arboretum it’s a arboretum and offers a botanical garden. There is also the Cummings art center and the Tansil for you to check out on your tour.


  • Quinnipiac University

This University is Most known for being the home of the Quinnipiac Poll institute, which has been features in The Washington Post, The New York Times and CNN .The school was Founded 1929 its located in Hamden, CT. near the Sleeping Giant state park. While on your tour of the school check out its Arnold Bernhard Library and clock tower, as well as their main campus quadrangle.The school also a varity has great fraternities and sororities and are known as the bobcats athletic teams.

  • University of Connecticut

Most commonly refereed to as  UConn, its also home of the Huskies their men’s NCAA basket ball team.  The University was founded in 1881 and now has a large and diverse student body. . While out on the grounds you’ll wan to view Star Hall, Bradford House and the Main Quad of the school along the way. You will will many student and cultural activities on campus . With the it’s size the school has it own dairy and serves up it own ice cream that you have to try wile on your tour. 

  • Yale

With its rich history Yale is the best stop in your university tours. The great the architecture  is all around the campus starting with Yale law school, Yale Old campus courtyard and Vanderbilt Hall. Also the school’s Sterling memorial  Library and  Peabody museum are another great way to explore the history of the school. The Yale bowl ,home of the bulldog football team is a can’t spot to check out.image

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