Being stuck with a layover is never fun. If you so happen to be in Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood International, there’s a few shops, restaurants and a business center to past the time.  Limo-CT give’s you an idea how to spend your layover in Fort Lauderdale airport (FTL). Here is a great video of tips to help make your layover more pleasent!

Layover at airport

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport wants to get you to your flight as soon as possible. It’s not much of a hang out spot with foods concern, but there are a few fable attempts to amp up their  culinary cuisine. For example, the new Food Network Kitchen. It’s sleek, and has locally inspired food like Florida Shrimp Po’Boy. If you’re no where near Terminal 3 there’s Mediterranean fast-casual fare that wont leave you in a food coma, the hummus is amazing, for airport food anyway.


If you’re looking for something to satisfy your thirst other than water. I’m sorry to say there’s nothing to really recommend it’s just too painful especially you’re only a few miles away from some amazing beach bars on Hollywood Beach like Le Tub. If you must stay close to the terminals you have to make your way to Chili’s near Terminal 3 pre-security.


Friends and family are always going on and on with what you brought them on your trip.  There are  plenty of souvenir shops at the airport. If you’re looking for something more High-end U*tique Boutique offers anything from sunglasses to perfume it’s located in Terminal 2.

If your layover can accomedate more time then there are plenty more options out there for you to keep yourself entertained right outside the airport. Take some of these under consideration for longer layovers:


Luxury Car Service

If you’re planning on leaving the airport to explore Fort Lauderdale on your layover, you can use Limo-CT. You’re only a phone call away to enjoying your few hours of free time before next flight. Let us help you. Call us now and book a reservation today @203-344-0066


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