Even people who know nothing about art know the works of Auguste Rodin, French sculptor who created “The Thinker” and “The Kiss.” Google has now created a slightly blue-tinted add on in the Google word in order to pay respect for the artist’s birthday. “The Thinker” was first sculpted in 1902, though there are many other casts of the famous sculpture. Rodin’s sculpture of Honore de Balzac also exists in many versions, including casts at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. While limo services take admirers there for any and every occasion to witness the famous artwork.

"The Thinker" gets Google and luxury limousine services take admirers to shows imageRodin’s work makes history

Rodin’s sculptures highlight musculature and movement with subjects often assuming contorted positions. His work is frequently sighted as paving the way for the modern sculpture movement of the 20th century. Although his love life was not as hot as Picasso’s, Rodin had an amour fou with fellow artist Camille Claudel that has stirred up some contemporary dramatizations. Limousine and limousine car services brought actors to the 1989 movie “Camille Claudel,” inspired by Rodin’s love interest.

Luxury limousine services drive stars and guests

Luxury limousine services to Rodin artwork photoA new movie about Claudel, starring Juliette Binoche, is to be released next year. The movie is set during her elongated residence at a mental hospital following her break up from Rodin. “Rodin,” which was panned by the New York Times earlier this year will have its premier and luxury limousine services will transport stars and onlookers to the event. There’s even a ballet about the stormy Rodin-Claudel relationship created by the Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg.

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