Taylor Swift’s Red album is huge right now and continues to sell an insane amount of albums, and seems pre-destined to be the biggest album of 2012. So, not surprisingly, when it comes to her tour she is thinking big and luxury bus and limo services to get her to each show in style.

Taylor Swift tour ahead and luxury bus takes her there imageTour in Taylor Swift style

Swift’s Red tour is set to start off March 13 in Omaha, and she’s already got so many ideas about how to make the show larger than life. Red collaborator — Ed Sheeran will open up the shows. And in addition to bringing fans the best show possible, Swift told Billboard that she’ll also be counting on her fans say to shape her set list , which will engage her fans in the audience and will be heavily featured songs from her most recent smash album. Swift and crew will be driving luxury limousine and luxury bus services to get them to their points on the tour.

A tour promised to entertain her fansSwift travels in style photo

She wants a show that dazzles people more than in her last tour. Swift feels if she does that then she has done justice to her fans and herself. Swift understands that in this economy it’s tough but its her job (if fans spend that money for tickets) to make a show that, for fans, is absolutely a guarantee that they will be entertained and happy to merit them leaving their house, spending their evening with her, parking their car, waiting in line, and perhaps buying a T-shirt.

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