Travel can be hectic, between finding out your airport transportation and making your way thorough the crowds; one comes to think can it get easier. Connecticut airport transportation services can make the ride comfortable but what about inside the airport? CLEAR, a biometric ID company makes a kiosk checkpoint trouble-free and making the option to go through TSA is becoming a thing of the past.

A new machine makes Westchester Airport Service faster Security Check Becomes Quicker at Westchester County Airport image

CLEAR is a screening device that was approved by the federal government to be placed at Westchester County Airport in White Plains. The device is a kiosk that is set-up at checkpoints, using passenger’s fingerprints and iris scans to get through security faster. The service membership will cost travelers $179 a year and will also provide discounts for families. CT airport limo and car services will get travelers to the airport on time and now with CLEAR it will only take minutes for the security clearance, making the moves in the airport quick and easy.

Airport transportation gets you to the airport on time and now airports do too

Limousines of Connecticut town car to hpn airport photoTaking only five minutes to pass a traveler through security clearance, airports around are following suit. Orlando, Denver, San Francisco and Dallas Forth Worth all provide the service. Airport transportation services will still be in tact for providing the delivery to the airports but CLEAR has brought a new advancement to the airports process of security, which has been an issue for years. Will TSA agents become obsolete and machines take over? Not sure, but instead of waiting in the long lines for a TSA agent to examine your driver’s license the CLEAR kiosk can identify you quick and securely, moving along the mash-up that can happen at the airport. Airport transportation services and fluidity at the airport may become less stressful and less hectic, which can be an asset to all airports.

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