The Paris Theater Limo

The Paris Theater Limo

No need to be stuck in the house, being antisocial on your series of Netflix and chill. Get out the house and check out some of these amazing New York movie theaters.

NYC Goes Above And Beyond

NYC is known for their spectacular events, bright lights and loves to give an extremely different experience. Want to have a unique movie experience in New York? Well, you are definitely in the right place for that. Make sure the next time you are in the mood to sit back, relax and catch a flick or two, that you check out one of these amazing New York


Brooklyn Academy Of Music


Visit these amazing works of art to find out exactly what makes them unique. Whether you want to get served 5-star cuisine while you watch your movie or whether you want to enjoy some old school art, NYC is known for dramatic outings.

Reserve Your New York Movie Theater Limousine

Landmark Sunshine Cinema

Landmark Sunshine Cinema

Have a luxurious night out with your loved one. Enjoy being chauffeured to and from your unique New York theater. Whether you want to make this an intimate outing or a family event, Limousines of Connecticut has a vehicle to accommodate your every transportation need. Choose from a 8 passenger Lincoln Limousine or a gigantic 18 passenger Hummer. Want to know how to reserve your exotic limo? Just choose from one of the reservation options below to be on your way to an exciting night in NYC!

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