Private Zenkichi

Private Zenkichi

With this hectic and chaotic world that we live in today, the chance to be alone with just you and your loved one is slim to none! Taking advantage of the chance to run away on a nice romantic date is a no-brainer in the world of Romeo and Juliet. In NYC, there are plenty of romantic getaways that are sure to impress your loved one.

A Night Out For Two In NYC

Whether it is your first date or your 21st date, a woman wants to feel as if you went above and beyond to make her feel special. Putting some extra thought behind planning a night for just the two of you could go a long way in her book! See what romantic sites New York City has to offer with your special someone. Take a look at some of our top romantic restaurants in NYC and get a great idea for your next date night.

  • Milk and Roses– Enjoy fine American cuisine with a Southern touch! In summer, the carefully tended garden is magical, and in winter, the exquisitely decorated restaurant is cozy and intimate. This is the perfect place for two to feel like they are a hundred miles away from home.
  • Romantic Cafe Moto

    Romantic Cafe Moto

    Mar’s– This is typically a place for first dates where you are trying to see if you want to pursue something more serious. Get to know one another as you hit up the bar and get catered by bowtie bartenders ready to serve. Have a nice relaxed time at one of the candlelight bistro tables as you listen to music play from the retro speakers.

  • One if by land, Two if by sea- The name itself sings nothing but elegance. This is by far the most popular spot where people tend to pop the question. The gold chandelier, warm fireplaces, huge bouquets of flowers and plush seating sure does set the romance atmosphere.
  • Zenkichi– This restaurant is the definition of alone time. First, find an unmarked door on a Williamsburg side street, where you’re led through a dark, lantern-lit hallway lined with bamboo and pebbles. After being seated in mahogany booths encased in curtains, you’ll be given menus and a small buzzer to summon the waiter. Listen to the soft Jazz music as you indulge on wonderful Japanese food. The seasonal eight-course Omakase tasting menu is popular, as are the silky tofu dish and potato mochi cakes on the a la carte menu.
Cherry Restaurant

Cherry Restaurant

Make Your Romantic Night Even Better With A NYC Limousine

Want to make your night even more awesome with a luxury limo? Just follow one of these simple reservation options. Reserve either a classic lincoln limousine or go all out in a fancy Hummer limo!

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