A New York man, Samuel Artisil, a 30-year-old from Spring Valley was charged Monday because he made a terroristic like threat to another passenger. He also falsely reported an incident while on the plane and is now in custody. He was transported to LaGuardia Airport and ready to take his flight, however that was halted due to his actions.

New York City Man Caught for Making Terroristic Threat to a Passenger imageThe Port Authorities at LaGuardia picked up the culprit

The Port Authorities of New York and New Jersey are saying that the Spirit Airlines flight had absolute purpose to push him off from a gate at around 11 a.m. Monday but had to be held on the tarmac. The flight took off later that afternoon. The Port Authorities says the New York man was removed from the plane bound for Fort Lauderdale and was arrested, being picked up and delivered by trusty and reliable airport car services.

Double checked to make sure airport transportation services not harmed

A telephone number for Aristil could not be found but officials are trying to set theCT limousine service to the airport photo situation straight. They are also figuring if he took a limousine service to the airport and trying to find out if, in any way, the limo services were hurt or told anything. Reliable transportation to the airport would first and foremost alert any terroristic activity to officials, especially if there safety were in fact harmed. It is crucial for airport officials to catch the culprit and any of his straggling leftovers, which in this case The Port Authorities did.

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