For those in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and surrounding areas hit toughest by the recent hurricane, many are left completely stranded. Some are visitors to the area, planning on only staying a day or weekend, and now stranded because of lack of transportation both on the ground and in the air over the past few days with the destruction of Hurricane Sandy.Many left stranded after hurricane sandy image

If you’ve been trying to book a flight out of airports like JFK or LGA but finding it’s going to still be a few days before you can get a reasonable flight home, see if other nearby airports like Westchester County or Hartford/Bradley Int’l Airport, both of which are close in nearby Connecticut. Conveniently less than an hour or two from most of the tri-state area, it might be a better idea for you to book a flight today out of one of those airports instead of sticking around even longer than necessary.

For those in areas hit hard by floods, some have lost their mode of transportation with Find alternative transportation in the tri-state area imagemany vehicles suffering from severe flood damage. If there’s somewhere you need to get around town, you should consider all of the available transportation options including Limousines of Connecticut and other reliable options. Rides can be scheduled 24 hours a day to locations all around the area so that you’re not without transportation.

If you know someone around the tri-state area looking for transportation, let them know there are options. Find accommodations in nearby states including Connecticut might be ideal for those to use that are without a car or a place to stay.

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