Hurricane Sandy’s floodwaters waters have backed off, however some victims are still at this point left without a home. Those put of place in New York City now have the option to use the rental site Airing to find free temporary housing and can use reliable transportation services to drive them to their Airing free housing locations. Airing is a very fast-growing site that permits their users to rent out a section or all of their homes for victims of Sandy and the nor’easter. Renters typically pay for the rooms in advance, but now in the Donated Sandy Housing program that launched for victims on Wednesday, hosts are offering up their homes at no cost.

CT limo services drive victims to Airing free housing program locations imageFree housing services and car services to get them there

Approximately 140 Airing site users had opened there homes to New York City area Sandy victims as of 4:45 p.m. ET, curtly after the program launched. Proposals ranged from spare beds in New Jersey to whole two-bedroom apartments in Manhattan to luxe Brooklyn lofts.  Airing is citing free housing options, decorated with bright pink $0 price tags. Airing is nixing their regular booking fees for these free listings. People heading to the listings are also reaching out to convenient transportation services to get them there. Airing has already relinquished its fees for both hosts and renters in sectors hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Limo services to help victims photoThe company proclaimed that nearly 2,500 last-minute bookings have been made in affected areas since the storm and bout 900 of those bookings were in New York City. About 300 were made by city residents reserving space elsewhere in the city and using limo and car services to drive them there. After such disasters like Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter, there can be several moments where victims feel like the world isn’t listening to them. The severity of the victim’s conditions has not disappeared, and it’s very imperative for those people to have a place to stay warm and feel protected.

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