The earth can bare so much. It is being eaten alive from pollution and absorption of its inhabitants, but Connecticut transportation services want to set it right. CT Transit and the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) has teamed up with United Technologies Company (UTC) to instead use fuel cell energy to keep Hartford’s transportation services clean and reliable without hurting the environment. Governor Malloy plans to the same for New Haven.

Fuel Efficient CT Transportation Services to Change the Future for All imageGovernor Malloy delivers the same fuel cell energy for New Haven transportation services

Governor Malloy has declared a $5.7 million Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant to strategize, install, and purchase the same fuel cell technology for New Haven’s transportation services.


The transition, he feels, will not only bring cleaner environment, but will save taxpayers half a million dollars a year and provide a more reliable energy source for the future. Connecticut’s limousine and airport services, car and bus services will be used more efficiently and provide travelers and commuters with a do-gooder state of mind, feeling like they are helping in one-way or another.

 CT will continue to grow in energy efficient transportationNew Haven CT Transit photo

Congressman John Larson has believed in fuel cell technology for years in Connecticut and backs it up 100%. Larson comments that it’s not only energy-efficient but most importantly it is American. Most would agree as it is set to ensure Connecticut’s transportation services as a leader in the green technology. CT Transit now manages a fleet of three zero-emission hydrogen fuel transportation buses that is powered by UTC fuel cells. This beginning is setting the stage to make Connecticut’s transportation services commercial and become a nationwide provider of green technology transit for the future.

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