Business travel is by far one of the most avid purposes to travel, besides just a vacation. Business related travel, either for meetings or conferences, is an airlines top concern. Connecticut limousine and care services take business related travelers anywhere they need to go, but it is the airlines that need more connections to keep their airport suited for business travel. Delta Air Lines wants that growth and are looking in buying a stake in to Virgin Atlantic to do that.

Delta wants to buy Virgin Atlantic to up its business travel Business Travel is Making Delta Air Lines Invest in Virgin Atlantic image

With Singapore Airlines wanting to sell their 49 percent share in Virgin Atlantic, Delta is looking to move in and purchase. If Delta buys the share, that means more connections for the airport. Not only would business related limousine and airport transportation pick you up, it would mean more flights for Delta. As an airlines way to substantial growth is through their flight connections. If Delta purchases the share in Virgin Atlantic they will finally have a stronger connection with Heathrow airport, which means more flights for business travelers and more money.

Business travel through CT limousines photoConnecticut airport transportation services takes business travelers to Delta Air Lines arrival section

Reliable airport transportation to and from the airport is vital to business travelers and with Delta wanting to be the “it” airline of New York they need to also have a big presence in all major airports, such as Heathrow. Virgin Atlantic comes second to British Airways at Heathrow, who are already connected to American Airlines. However, if Delta purchases the share being second isn’t an issue, just as long as they can better cater to their business travelers and garnering a larger route network. Connecticut limousine and airport service delivers business travelers safely to airport and now Delta Air Lines can fly you safely to your London business meeting.

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