Mama Pinkett-Smith Defends Her Daughter

You know you gotta love Jada Pinkett-Smith, and with the all chaos from her daughter’s, Willow Smith, Instagram frenzy, she is not holding back on her words. New York Daily News shares her defending and outspoken video. We personally think there is nothing at all sexual, however with the chaos of what happens to our girls (human trafficking, such as our girls from Nigeria, hashtag to #BringBackOurGirls to support), no wonder the world is going crazy! Kids being in love and relaxing shouldn’t be considered sexual, however our media is so tainted and out of control – it was really nice to hear Jada Pinkett-Smith protect her daughter’s rights.

What’s The Scoop?

Willow Smith Instagram imageSo, here is the picture…you ask what is the big deal? Here is Jada Pinkett-Smith take:

“You’re acting like covert pedophiles and that’s not cool.”

The controversy with this photo seems to be the fact that Moises Arias, the young man in the picture, is 20-years-old and Willow Smith is only 13-years-old! Thus, it may make sense for the intense media response, but our world is so media based everything is judged. It is a young girl wanting to share a black and white photo of them relaxing. It wouldn’t be such a big probably if she wasn’t a 13-year-old, instead people would say how artistic or great shot!

Check out Moises Arias Instagram account and see more for yourself, but honestly we don’t see much to it. Share your thoughts in our Twitter page @limoct and let’s tweet each other!

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