President Barack Obama’s presidential limousine gets hit with a tank fueled with diesel instead of petrol, resulting in a busted limousine. Limousines of Connecticut know better than that. Unlike the team who filled the president’s gas tank, limo CT knows not to fill up a regular gas engine with diesel.

As the president awaits President Obama in his limo image

Broken down for good reason, President Barack Obama’s famous presidential limousine malfunctioned during his trip to Jerusalem. The presidential helicopter flew in Obama, but upon landing, he entered into his limousine only to have it break down. airport limousine services should have known better than to fill up the presidential, or any limo, with diesel instead of petrol. The problem with diesel is it similar to kerosene, making its energy potential for powering a vehicle to travel insufficient, and will make it unable to drive. When you use gas, or petrol, it has the higher energy to power a vehicle and keep it running smoothly.

Jerusalem city photoLimo CT would have done it differently

Granted the limousine transportation service immediately gave President Barack Obama a Cadillac Escalade limousine, which quickly ushered him into to Jordan. His limousine was especially brought in from Washington for this very visit. The limousine services in Connecticut would have done things differently—gassed it correctly would be the first step. It is important to take proper care of the limousines in order to have them working correctly.

President Obama more than understood, as this visit to Jerusalem was long over due—what’s a few more hours? The president’s limousine is known to keep safe from both chemical and biological offenses, but a gas tank is a gas tank and proper care is of utmost importance. Limousines of Connecticut know that.

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