Hope Pizza Restaurant

I’m about to let everyone in on a little secret. A little secret that is so big it may blow the top off of an entire pizza conspiracy! Almost all people regardless of where they were born, have heard at one point or another that pizza in New York is the reigning champ amongst all of its opponents. This has become so widely known that hundreds of thousands of tourist flock to New York every year ONLY to get a bite of this world-renowned pizza. However, here is one key piece of information that may “debunk” the one statement that the world has come to know! 

Enjoy Some Great Italian With A Limousine in Stamford

Michael’s Pizzeria

More and more people are now coming to the pizza scene with something called “New Haven Style” pizza. Yes, New Haven as in New Haven, Connecticut. Yes! Connecticut the state that’s a hop, skip, and jump away from New York Munchies) named F. Pinello was challenged against all his beliefs about pizza by someone who was on team New Haven pizza. Mr. Pinello is a Brooklyn native so as you can imagine he was dead set in his pizza ways but to everyone’s surprise when Munchies did a new episode of their virtual video broadcast titled “The Pizza Show: Connecticut” Mr. Pinello was quoted as saying ” New York has the best pizza. You’ve been told that your whole life. There is no way there would be another city that has the same culture that we do, but they do.” Those were the very words of Munchies CEO and Brooklyn native.

So as you can see we do our homework to provide you with the finest destinations our fleet of top rated drivers has to offer. Believe it or not, some of the absolute best New Haven style pizza parlors are found in Stamford and we have the top 3 on our map.

  • Hope Pizza- Give this unique restaurant a try, it’s stuffed pizza won’t disappoint.
  • Remo’s Pizza Restaurant- This will provide your stomach with that feel good feeling everyone searches for when eating a good pizza.
  • Michael’s Pizzeria– Don’t pass up this gem, stop on in and grab a slice or the entire pie!


Remos Brick Oven Pizza

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