There is different treatment when you become a high roller. The perks go far beyond the poker table and you even get access to some of the most luxurious privileges imagined. Get your passport ready and try your luck at some amazing casinos around the world.

Casino Suites Just For The High Rollers

It always feels good to be appreciated and that is exactly the appreciation that these high rollers receive. Feel the gold from every corner and receive lavish bed and breakfast with a personal in room Jacuzzi, and that is just the start. These fabulous suites are definitely meant to amaze and impress the finest around and I think that they do just that plus more. We have searched around the world to see the most amazing suites for the one of a kind high rollers and were quite in “aww” ourselves. Check out some of the great perks these casinos

have to offer their guests.

Throw the dice in a limo!

Don’t just stop your fun at these extravagant suites, take the fun outdoors and visit the surrounding cities in an awesome limousine built to fit your whole crew. Live it up for the weekend and don’t miss out on anything while you stroll around town in some amazing vehicles fit for the king and queen themselves. Chose from an “out of this world” fleet from sedan to SUV’s to a ginormous 18 passenger Hummer/Escalade! The options are endless with Limousines of Connecticut.

Need to know how to reserve your high roller limousine?

The reservation process is simple and pain free. Just choose from one of these following options to be on your way to a great night.



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