Since the launch of the famous Uber app, we can definitely say that we have noticed transportation companies taking on a huge strain financially and going out business. This has seemed to San_Francisco_taxihappen in many of the metropolitan cities around the U.S.

Today’s Taxi Failure

Here is just one of the companies effected by the launch of Uber in 2012. On Friday, San Francisco’s Yellow Cab cooperative filed for bankruptcy protection. One would assume that the Yellow Cab’s financial struggles came from a personal-injury damage award rather than a fight for business with Uber but court documents state otherwise. Within the reason for the Chapter 11 filing it states worsening business conditions. The business still plans on operating business as usual.

Dying Taxi Industry

uber_imageIn a city as congested as San Francisco you would think that the taxi industry would never die out. Even watching movies, tourist expect that feeling of hailing for a cab on their visits as a must thing to do. With today’s technology that feeling has diminished and we now have apps that literally do everything! In an attempted to save the business, Yellow Cab has even made it’s on taxi hailing app called “YoTaxi”.

I think it’s time we work together as a team. Check out the video below and even comment your opinion!

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