With traveling resources needing to be abundant, Connecticut limousine and airport transportation services are apt to travelers needs and can provide transportation to and from the airport with ease. Airports are always upgrading, whether it is their aesthetic or developments in building more airline connections for fliers to their needed destination. Newark Liberty International Airport is doing just that.

Virgin America enters Newark Liberty International Airport

Virgin America Gets Its Spot In Newark Liberty International Airport image

Virgin America airline is now coming into Newark Liberty and their servicing will start in 2013. This allows Newark Liberty to have six daily flights to LA and San Francisco, which it did not before. Now, CT limousine and airport transportation services can take business travelers and those needing to get to California from Newark Liberty. This produces a lot more traffic for Newark Liberty and opens new doors for growth on their side.

CT limousine transportation services and airports provide customer satisfaction

With this new arrangement American Airlines will give up three of its currently six gate hold in Newark Liberty. One gate will be Virgin America’s while the other two will be governed by Port Authorities to ensure carrier action and safety. Their purpose is meant to grow the aviation missions and produce a more fluid and abundant airline connection for travelers. Airports need the airline connections to grow and prosper in this time and adding Virgin America will provide more routes, thus connections to do that. What is important is the safety and satisfaction of airport transportation services for travelers. Limousines of Connecticut and airports want that to be a top priority.


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