NYC Food Truck

Are you constantly in a rush and have absolutely no time to stop and grab a bite to eat in between your busy chaotic day? Why not make a super quick stop at some of the best food trucks in NYC! After all, you aren’t experiencing the great city of New York City until you have eaten at a food truck.

The Meal On Wheels!

Many people have never even eaten at a food truck before but if you really want to fit into the society of New York City, you must try some of these top food trucks throughout the city. It is ok to jump out of your comfort zone every now and again. Today feels like such a wonderful day to experience something brand new. Have a problem with putting your trust in new faces? Try one of these food trucks that are well known for their savory “on the go” meals.

  • Hard Times Sundaes– This magnificent food truck was formerly parked in tucked-away Mill Basin, Brooklyn and has upgraded easier-to-access Williamsburg. Enjoy a single-, double- and triple-stacked burgers from behind the Pfizer Building. You have the option of selecting free raw or grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles and jalapenos, or for an extra $1.25 for a helping of crisp bacon.
  • Korilla_BBQ_Truck

    Korilla BBQ Truck

    King of Falafel– Fares “Freddy” Zeideia is a sort of local celebrity in Astoria, Queens. Like the food, decor is inspired by both Zeidaies’s Palestinian heritage and his Astoria roots, with a painted mural of the Manhattan skyline as seen from Queens and a large-scale image of Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock that Zeidaies took while visiting the Holy City.

  • Solber Pupusas– This husband-and-wife team Rafael Soler and Reina Bermudez have been serving pupusas with all the fixins since 1998. Test our their famous Salvadoran-style grub (at the Brooklyn Flea every weekend, or through their pop-ups at Vendy Plaza and Royal Palms Shuffle Board Club).
  • Korilla BBQ– This tiger-striped food truck definitely catches the eye! Grab a taco, burrito, or rice bowls filled with Korean-style meats like beef bulgogi, braised short ribs and spicy chicken, plus house-made kimchi to pile on top!
  • El Rey del Taco– This truck started as a street cart selling tamales. Now it has expanded into an amazing taco truck offering late-night tummy fillers (Philly cheese steak, gyros) and Mexican staples (burritos, quesadillas). Enjoy handmade corn tortillas piled with your choice of chorizo, salted beef or chicken, along with cilantro, onions and tomato.

Sugar To Go!

Running low on sugar intake and need a spike of sugar to keep your day going? Just make a stop at some of these food trucks that offer a sweet treat any day of the year!

  • Snowday_Food_Truck

    Snowday Food Truck

    Snowday– This snowflake-emblazoned sugar shack is dedicated to surprise you! Indulge in maple syrup, drizzling the sweet stuff on desserts and savory treats. Find it infused in sourdough-cheddar grilled cheeses (ham, pea shoot) and glazed on smoked pork ribs. Find this food truck roaming Prospect Park and Governors Island and know that your business is making a difference as the van puts proceeds toward empowering youngsters with the help of social campaign Drive Change.

  • Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck– Enjoy ice cream made from the heart. Local, hormone-free milk is in the custard base. Chocolate contains Michel Cluizel cocoa, and vanilla is made using the brothers’ own bourbon and Tahitian-bean extract, aged for four months in vodka-filled oak barrels. Talk about a compassionate food truck!

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