Limousines of Connecticut is shocked and dismayed to report the news on the happenings in Newtown, CT earlier today, Friday December 14, 2012. Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School is on lock down due to a mass shooting that killed 27 people, mainly children, from a lone gunman that officials say has been killed. The terrifying news is swarming the news and internet, and rightfully so.

Scared students and teachers evacuate the elementary school in fearNewtown elementary shooting developing news

The shooter was reported to be standing in the main office of the elementary school before shooting insanely throughout the school. It was found out that the man was one of the teachers sons and he came and killed his mom and her classroom. Two handguns were supposedly taken from the scene of shooting, causing several victims having to be taken to the hospital. Surviving victims are being transferred by reliable transportation services and ambulances for safety. One student is said to have been escorted by a police officer out of the school after being severely wounded by the shooting, while more were dead.

Students who survived were being taken away from the school by their teachers, crying and holding hands. A rushed 911 call went out to parents immediately and reunited with their children. Armed forces and state troopers are around the school while safe and convenient transportation services are set to bring the people to the hospital or home. A press conference is being set up this afternoon, and for now the district is on serious lock down to assure student and staff safety.

Safe Connecticut transportation and school services have different options & parents should research

It is a crazy world out there and you don’t think it could happen to you or your kids, but it can. It is important as a parent to possibly consider ways students can get to and from school with different transportation service options and make sure that the school they are attending is geared up for safety precautions in case of an event like this happening at their school.

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