Veterans deserve their rightful place after going through tough and emotionally painful times in the military. They fought for our country and some have been wheel chaired and hospitalized due to loss of limbs or needed surgeries. Limousines of Connecticut honor veterans with travel discounts and top notch service. However, some veterans have not been treated correctly. One of Delta airlines crew is being ridiculed of such behavior.

A Marine veteran humiliated on a Delta airline flight Disabled Veterans Humiliated by Delta Airlines' Flight Attendants image

A Marine veteran named Christian Brown boarded a Delta airline flight that was flying from Atlanta to Washington. Brown, who was in a wheelchair, thought he would be seated up front just in case of an emergency but instead he was placed in a wheelchair seat stuffed and cramped in the back of the plane. Brown was humiliated as he was being wheeled to through the aisles of the aircraft, being put on display. It was noted that tears ran down his face but he did not sob out loud. Airport transportation services should always have first class priority to veterans and disabled passengers.

Limousines of Connecticut treats veterans right

Properly licensed Connecticut limousine and airport services drive all passengers, including our amazing veterans to and from the airport safely and securely. No veteran should have to suffer that humiliation because airline staff does not do their jobs properly. Brown was offered to first class seats in front but one of the flight attendants shouted that they had to go and claimed they could shut the door and make adjustments later so they would not have to wait a long time due to the disabled passenger. Passengers and Brown were mortified at the insult and stories are running on how this veteran was treated. Now ahead of time the discounts that are given to veterans for their reliable airport transportation services and flights, and do the research needed so being treated like this cannot happen again to our veterans.

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