This day and age a bomb threat has become a typical thing, which truly needs to stop. A New Jersey woman decided it was her turn to shout bomb threat at Newark Liberty International Airport. She was arrested for action and rightfully so. Airport transportation services are not in the mood for bomb threats.

A wife falsely claims bomb threat on airport transportation flight

airport transportation delayed by bomb threatA woman in sadness from her husband leaving her to go on his flight on Air France to Nigeria from Newark Liberty decided to take matters into her own hands. Eunice Ukaegbu, who is 50 years old, told the police that her husband was attempting to blow up the plane during his flight. The Port Authority found him before he boarded the flight and searched him and his bags. They used dogs and all to find any bombs or artillery in his possession. Limousine and airport transportation services carrying the man safely to the airport was checked as well, just in case anything may have been suspicious.

Wife is arrested and picked up by police for her stunt

All along the hoax was false and the man (husband) was allowed to board his flight.
Choose safe airport transportation services photoNo airport transportation services were harmed and no flights were delayed due to the woman’s actions. However, she was arrested for claiming this event. People can commit ridiculous alarms but can also cause much intended purpose behind it. Trust in your Connecticut limousine and airport transportation services and be fully aware when you are traveling to and from the airport, as well as inside of it. You never know what can happen, so being attentive is required in any event.

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