Unionville, CT Limo Service

Based in Central Connnecticut, Unionville Limo Service is available around the clock to service residents and visitors in and out of Unionville, CT. Whether it is your wedding, party or special event, a reliable car service in Connecticut will cater to it. Unionville is strategically located twenty six minutes from Bradley International Airport.

A quick call to a Limousines Of Connecticut representative at 203-344-0066 is available anytime of the day to complete your request.

What To Do In Unionville Limo Service

Let Our Drivers Be Your Designated Driver

Unionville, CT is a composite of Farmington, Avon and Burlington, acting as a borough of Farmington, CT. There are three main and well loved restaurants, including George’s Pizza & Restaurant,  a French cuisine filled with a warm and lovely ambiance. Food is always a good people pleaser and Unionville limo service can take you there.

Who doesn’t love pizza? George’s Pizza & Restaurant is a mix of Greek and Italian cuisine, can we say yes please! A place where you can have great drinks and your own style pizza. If you looking for something with an Middle Eastern palette, you can head to River Edge Cafe.

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Unionville Limo Service For Airport Travel

Unionville To Bradley

If you live or are traveling to the Unionville location, it is a mere 30 minutes from Bradley International Airport but heading to the other major airports is not an issue for Unionville Limo Service. We can take you to all major airports including JFK, LGA, EWR, and HPN. Consider taking the advantage of using a Unionville limo service to be comfortable when traveling to the airport. It releases stress when you know you can rely on a limo service in Unionville to take you to the airport from relying on inconsistent taxis, people or packing yourself into a packed public shuttle, call an agent at 203-344-0066 to get your quote and affordable rate.


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