east-hartford-gas-imageThe gas explosion that reportedly happened on Thursday night was considered “the miracle on main street”.

Six gas pumps were destroyed when an SUV ran over a median, struck two other vehicles and then barreled into six gas pumps at the Phillips 66 on Main Street in East Hartford just yesterday, August 27th, 2015.

“We look out the window from the restaurant and it’s just flames shooting up… gas shooting up, tires are melting, cars melting,” said Thomas DeCrescenzo, who saw the aftermath of the crash. “We didn’t know if the whole place was going to go up, and the gas lines.”

A gas station attendant told reporters that the driver of the SUV walked away with a pinky injury. “There was no significant injuries, said Fire Chief Silver. Though the huge explosions from the lines under the ground, the fire police-lights-imagewas said to be under control in 10 minutes.

The fire marshal and state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection are investigating.

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