When it comes to travel, Limo CT is Connecticut’s and surrounding areas limousine company of choice. Limo CT provides deals and savings to make travel affordable. Traveling can be a hectic time and finances can be tight. Getting cards with accumulate points or frequent flier miles is smart. It can get you discounts on air travel, as well as offering an ally during travel time. However, what happens when your points get “old” because you haven’t use them in a while? A judge makes the end result and Limo CT understands.

Limo CT-Should Your Points Be Revoked?American Airlines AAdvantage Program image

When the people ask for no change, sometimes you lose. CT airport limousine service caters to passengers. American Airlines AAdvantage program had changed it frequent flier rules and miles program back in the 1990’s in the American Airlines v. Wolens case and some folks are still not happy with the end results. It was a Illinois state appointed legal lawsuit, where AAdavantage members protested and lost against American Airlines limitations on miles earned. The case was not one by members and American Airlines beat the battle.

However, now AAdvantage members Karen Ross and Steven Edelman filed a lawsuit on American Airlines AAdvantage program to stop them from converting their old miles into new miles. For example, four new miles would then convert into five miles. What is so wrong about that? Unfortunately there is an expiration date on all things. If the old miles didn’t hold in the arena of time acceptance in American Airline rules, all the old miles would be completely gone. Thus, the frustration of members. Judge Sean Lane, who is the U.S. Bankruptcy judge, threw out the case and reminded everyone that the same issue couldn’t be litigated before, as it was in the 1990’s. Limo CT can understand the members feelings, but that is why it important to know the rules and read the fine print.

Travel Smart With Limo CTTravel Smart With Limo CT

Much noted from cases like these, it is very important to travel smart and know your ropes. Don’t go in blind, find what advantages you get and know the rules. If you choose a card the provides frequent flier miles, know what you are getting into and learn the tricks. Also find out where you can save. If you are traveling through Trumbull, CT to the perhaps JFK Airport, find the limo service in Trumbull to uphold your price quote. Figure the rules for traveling abroad, and how much cost would be if you go over your limit. Limo CT knows the importance of traveling safely but also the affordability needed.

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