It is safe to say Limousines of Connecticut is a reliable CT limousine service and passengers are cared for diligently. Moreover, when it is time to fly, safety comes first as well and JFK Airport needs to expand their runway to do so. It leaves us all with the question, environment over human life?

Should We Limo CT? JFK Airport Runway photo with a CT Limo

John F. Kennedy International Airport runway is in plain sight of Idlewild Park, located in Queens, NY. A beautiful park indeed but its trees are causing a safety hazard for the airport. It was proposed to by JFK Airport to extend the runway for the safety of passengers, however that means approximately 700 hundred trees need to be cut down. How do you explain that in regards to environmental issues and passenger safety. Do you think that cutting down all of these trees is a good or bad idea?

  • Trees provide natural carbon storage, and cutting them down leads to a huge increase in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The timber provides material for the lumber and building industries.
  • The land that is cleared of forest now becomes available for agricultural use as farm or grazing land.
  • Trees store carbon when growing and give off oxygen. Completed wood products, like cabins, floors, and furniture, continue to store that carbon and keep it out of the atmosphere for decades.

Limo CT drives passengers to and from JFK Airport on a regular daily basis, and it makes you stop and think. Passenger safety always comes first for Limo CT and JFK is thinking the same. Both the Federal Aviation Administration and Queens Borough President Helen Marshall do not want to see trees cut down but if it keeps flyers safe, what else can be done?

Limousines of Connecticut Understands

CT airport limousine service imageThe environment is very important, but flight safety is as well. If trees were in your way from getting to the airport in your airport limo service it would cause a problem. Imagine the concerns of JFK Airport for its millions of passengers every day? Taking your Connecticut town car sedan to and from the airport, and departing and landing carefully is of top priority.  If you have to travel from say Hartford, CT taking your Hartford limo and endure a long flight, unharmed traveling is one of the first things you think about, right?

Of course! Limo CT wants passengers to always be held in high regard and be thought of when it comes to your care.

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